Be Brave. Get Engaged.

A Conversation on Race and Feminism

with Karen Fleshman & Sacil Armstrong

Join us for a laid back, honest discussion about race, feminism, and what people in general, and women in particular, can do to overcome what’s holding us back as a group.

Be Brave. Get Engaged. End Racism.

Karen Fleshman, Esq. is an attorney, activist, single soccer mom, and a nationally recognized expert on racism, feminism, workplace fair practices, police brutality, and politics. Working at Year Up, a nonprofit that prepares young adults without a college degree for corporate careers in tech, Karen came to understand the harm caused by tokenized hiring and the racism and sexism pervasive in the workplace. In 2014, Karen founded Racy Conversations, a workshop facilitation company, to help people feel more willing and able to communicate honestly with each other about racism, and to do so with increased empathy and understanding.

Sacil Armstrong is a Social Justice Healer, leading tough conversations without blame, shame, or guilt. She’s all about helping women get down to the business of changing the world. She leads online courses for women who are ready to arm themselves with the tools to be the change they want to see in the world. Her flagship course, I’m So Over Racism has been transformational for her students, and she’s launching a new course, The Intersection of Race & Feminism, to explore how feminism can be more inclusive and powerful.