The Intersection of
Race & Feminism I

We’ve All Been Indoctrinated Since Birth

Most of us don’t question where our beliefs come from or if they are true. It’s uncomfortable. We don’t want to be wrong. What if I could show you that some your beliefs are based on stories and policies people made up hundreds of years ago to maintain power and wealth? And what if I showed you how that affects your behavior today? Would you be brave enough to question things, then?

If the world is going to change for the better, we all need to BE BRAVE and GET ENGAGED.

White women are in a unique position of being both the oppressed and the oppressor. Who’s really talking about it? How does it affect relationships and the community?

This course looks at the evolution of racism and feminism in America and how they clash as well as how history influences today’s society.

If you’ve read White Fragility and you’re ready to BE BRAVE and GET ENGAGED, find out how. This is real talk, without blame, shame, or guilt. Let’s UNDO racism and the patriarchy.

Session I: We’ve All Been Indoctrinated

Tuesdays, October 8 – November 5, 8:30-10:00PM ET

Are You a Feminist? Is race a feminist issue?

How do you self-identify and what do you assume about women of other races?

Terminology & Concepts

Let’s get clear on terminology around race and feminism and go over some concepts so we’re all approaching the discussion with the same foundation.

History & Evolution of Racism in America

Who defined the races? How did chattel slavery evolve and how has this affected American politics? What ramifications are we dealing with today?

History & Evolution of Feminism

Who benefits from feminism? Is it a white woman’s movement or is it meant for all women? Can you back that up?

Women by the Numbers

Data proves the inequality among women. What is the feminist movement doing to close the gap?


Thank you for breaking it all down. You bring clarity. Open to listening & learning and oh how I’m learning! Thank you!



Thank you for creating this safe space. Thank you even more for being vulnerable and for taking the time & energy to educate us. I am realizing I have so much to learn and unlearn, but I am keeping my heart open to all that is shared here.


Is This For You

If you’re white and you feel like it’s so hard to be an ally to black women, then this workshop is for you. If you’re a woman of color and you can’t figure out how to tell white women why you’re angry or disappointed in a way they can understand, this workshop is for you, too. You will be challenged because this shit is hard. But if you put in the work, you will get results.

Intersection of Race & Feminism I

October 8 – November 5
8:30-10:00 PM ET


Let's look at how racism and feminism affect American women
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Feminism and race have clashed since before the concept of feminism was even defined. White women are in a unique position of being both the oppressed and the oppressor, and there isn’t much training on how to deal with this conflict mentally, emotionally, or practically. Let's look at the evolution of both racism and feminism and then look at the effects they have had on American women. This live online workshop includes:
  • 5 live meetings that are 1-1/2 hours each
  • A brave, engaged, honest and respectful atmosphere
  • Syllabus with links to homework assignments so you can work ahead, if necessary
  • Answers to your awkward questions on race & feminism
  • Handouts (downloads)
  • Online classroom where you can chat with others in the course, find agendas and homework assignments, and post homework if you miss class
  • Recommended reading list
  • Suggested movie list
  • Certificate for completing the class and the course satisfaction survey


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