The Intersection of
Race & Feminism II

Let’s Undo This

We looked at how some of our beliefs are based on lies and omissions. Now let’s figure out how we can undo the harm that’s been done to us.

If the world is going to change for the better, we all need to BE BRAVE and GET ENGAGED.

White women are in a unique position of being both the oppressed and the oppressor. Who’s really talking about it? How does it affect relationships and the community?

This course reviews what we learned about the histories of feminism and racism in part I and explores our core beliefs and ways to change them.

If you’ve read White Fragility and you’re ready to BE BRAVE and GET ENGAGED, join me. This is real talk, without blame, shame, or guilt. Let’s UNDO racism and the patriarchy.

Session II: Let’s Undo This

November 19 – December 17, 8:30-10:00PM ET

Dive Deeper into the Evolution

Let’s do a quick review and look deeper at how these institutions work against each other

Social Structure & White Fragility

We know how we’re molded from birth, so let’s look at how we keep that structure in place without even thinking about it.

It's up to You

What’s stopping you from being the change you want to see in the world?

Is Your Community Truly Inclusive?

Who do the women’s organizations in your community serve? Who benefits?

What Will You Do About It?

Decide what you will do to make a difference in your daily life. Commit.

Sacil I appreciate that you hold a loving space and you don’t tell people what to do. That generates a strong sense of community and interdependence.



You have made this a safe place. I have tried taking classes but other attendees yell or put down people if they don’t get it fast enough. I have a brain injury so sometimes it takes me longer or I have to rephrase something so I can get it in my head.

I haven’t found a safe place to ask questions and trust the answers given. But I trust you and have seen how you guide.


Is This For You

If you’re white and you feel like it’s hard to be an ally to black women, then this workshop is for you.
If you’re a woman of color and you can’t figure out how to tell white women why you’re angry
or disappointed in a way they can understand, this workshop is for you, too.

You will be challenged because this shit is hard. But if you put in the work, you will get resuts.

Intersection of Race & Feminism II

November 19 – December 17
8:30-10:00PM ET


Let's figure out how we each uphold racism so we can tear it down! *pre-requisite: The Intersection of Race & Feminism I
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Feminism and race have clashed since before the concept of feminism was even defined. White women are in a unique position of being both the oppressed and the oppressor, and there isn’t much training on how to deal with this conflict mentally, emotionally, or practically. Let's look at how we're indoctrinated and figure out how we can each undo this racist, patriarchal setup so we can thrive! This live online workshop includes:
  • 5 live meetings that are 1-1/2 hours each
  • A brave, engaged, honest and respectful atmosphere
  • Syllabus with links to homework assignments so you can work ahead, if necessary
  • An audio meditation on race & feminism
  • Answers to your awkward questions on race & feminism
  • Handouts (downloads)
  • Online classroom where you can chat with others in the course, find agendas and homework assignments, and post homework if you miss class
  • Recommended reading list
  • Suggested movie list
  • Certificate for completing the class and the course satisfaction survey


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